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第八章──モダニズム編 | 黒沢隆
Back to the MODERNISM: Through the hard researchs of 'Japonisme' by the Japanese and French estheticians or comparative culturists in 1980's, it was excavated clearly, that Impressionism in painting, Illustration in printed media, DESIGN itself on products, those were revelated deeply from the Japanese arts and crafts at that time. But, it was lapsted out from the memory as time went on. However, each time, that Modern Design specially in architecture, have built the new stage, Japan esthetics appeared again and again, deeper and deeper, finally to Mies (a last period of the prosperous Modern Times, may be). Nevertheless, 'semiologie' --one of core charactor of Japan esthetics--, has been cleared off at the new design activities. | Takashi Kurosawa
掲載『10+1』 No.43 (都市景観スタディ──いまなにが問題なのか?, 2006年07月10日発行) pp.222-237




>『10+1』 No.43